There is an extensive FAQ list on the main website but here are a few extra points.

The AVACEN-100 is the World's First Thermo-Therapy™ Whole-Body…Drug-Free, OTC, non-invasive, FDA cleared class II medical device!

  • Highly Experienced Top Tier Management Team.
  • NuLife Ventures has retained one of the most respected direct sales marketing attorneys.
  • NuLife Ventures has secured the World-Wide exclusive marketing rights to these amazing proven medical devices.
  • NuLife Ventures is now open and selling Avacen-100 and Avacen Pro in the USA and CANADA.
  • NO COMPETITION in the market....Our product is the only device of its type.
  • Clinically proven.
  • OTC, non-invasive, FDA cleared Class II Medical Device.
  • 13 patents (US & international)....more patents pending.
  • Recipient of 2017 New Product Innovation Award (European OTC Fibromyalgia PAIN Management Device)
  • Health Canada approval, EU C.E. Mark of Approval.
  • Over 5 million treatments with no adverse effects.
  • In-Home Units that every family will want to own.
  • Financing Available.
  • Professional Units for: Day Spas, Medical Offices, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Etc.
  • Make payment by Credit or Debit Card, or use the Convenient Financing option to purchase your own AVACEN medical device.
  • 30-Day 100% Customer Product Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Potential to earn between $480 and $2100 on each personal sale you make, plus unlimited team sales commissions. 

The cost to be an “Independent Brand Partner” for 1-year with NuLife Ventures is $280 which covers your personal Website, Back Office, NuLife Ventures App, and On-Line Certification training.
This Pain-X Website is supplied to members of the Pain-X Team by Dr. Rick Mayer. 

The “Independent Brand Partner” cost of the AVACEN-100 is $3,495 (3000 CV Commissionable Volume). 

As a Brand Partner, you would have your supplied website where your customers would purchase.
Financing is available to a customer.

The 30-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is just that. Don't like it, return it, no questions asked.
Must comply with the terms of return as seen on the website.

The Warranty on all products is 3-Years, both the AVACEN 100 Package and the AVECEN PRO Commercial Device.
The AVECEN PRO unit has some extra benefits that are important to Practitioners.

Yes, you can merely sell without Recruiting others.
An “Independent Brand Partner” can earn anywhere between $480 and $2,100 per sale, based on their rank, and the package they are selling, it allows a true salesperson to work this as a legitimate sales business, without ever having to recruit anyone. 

Something to think about:  A typical salesperson works their tail off to make a sale and earn maybe a couple hundred dollars with other products. Once they figure out that with NuLife Ventures they have the potential to earn $480 to $2,100 on each “sale” the sharp ones realize this is where the action is. It's Exclusive, it's Patented and it simply Works.
And by Exclusive we mean you won't see it springing up through other outlets, we are the EXCLUSIVE, ONE and ONLY source.

A big advantage is you don't have to tie money up in inventory. We recommend the Business Builder package so you can have a unit for demonstrations purposes. Normally folks will be skeptical and will need to try it out, but this package is not a requirement.   

By the way...as sales personnel are making those “sales”, they are sure to come across some people that are interested in both the PRODUCT and the BUSINESS side of things... and before you know it, this “Salesperson” now has a “Sales Team” and is earning a steady paycheck without having to make any personal sales.

You can apply for any amount of financing you need to make your product purchase.

  • Step #1: Fill out loan request form: www.NuLifeFinancing.com
  • Step #2: After you submit your loan request you will receive an email or a phone call to set up an appointment time for you to have a 15-minute phone interview.
  • Step #3: If approved for financing, you will receive your loan amount request sent directly to you that you can use to make your product purchase.

I have a demo unit, just let me know. If you are local let's hook up. If you are out of town, I'll send it (upon your guarantee of safe return) and you try it out for a few days. It usually takes 3 to 4 days of twice a day use before you really see results.

Let me know if you want to try it out, or just purchse under the guarantee plan.

Go to your Sponsors website and click on the difference between the AVACEN 100 and AVACEN Pro.

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Usage, What to Expect

Using the AVACEN 100 should be something you look forward to because of it's relaxation effect, so make sure you're comfortable during treatment. It can be uncomfortable to sit on a chair with the AVACEN 100 on a table. Instead, set it next to you on the raised arm of a couch or easy chair. Many users set it on their lap.

Results from using the AVACEN 100 vary because every person is physically different and the associated chronic pain may have taken years or decades to manifest itself. Significant improvement can take as long as a month or more. Most people will feel some improvement within an hour of treatment.

Althought the suggested use is 15 minutes twice a day, if after a couple of days you do not feel some sort of immediate improvment, you may want to try using the device for longer periods or 3 to 4 times daily if you have the available time. Again, each person reacts diffrently.

It is important to note that even though you may not initially feel better, muscular relaxation should be helping you sleep better. Sleep, combined with increased microcirculation caused by muscular relaxation should slowly begin to provide you with a much healthier body.

When the body is detoxifying, the released toxins may exacerbate the symptoms being treated or create their own symptoms. The important thing to note is that worsening symptoms do not indicate failure of the treatment in question; in fact, usually just the opposite.

Immediately after treatment you may notice your hands are puffier and redder than normal and they may even itch. This is a normal response to increased microcirculation caused by negative pressure and heat. This should disappear within 30-45 minutes.

Small red or purple spots on the back of your treatment hand immediately after use may be caused by increased microcirculation and may look similar to mild petechiae, which is normally nothing to worry about. These spots are usually a good sign and should disappear in a few days.

If you feel tired after a treatmenht that is because the AVACEN 100 provides muscular relaxation, similar to how you feel after a sauna.

The user guide has more detailed information including cuff sealing problems. In addition, there are more on the main website.

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