I used to be a pretty good Golfer

I was good enough to compete nationally.

Here is a picture of me with Johnny Miller, my Playing Partner in an event.  (Click the Play button to hear my story.)

Former competitor on the Champions Tour and the LDA (Long Drivers of America) Tour.

Former World Champion and World Record Holder, Super Seniors Division.

I was the only Super Senior in history to qualify for the LDA Tour (Now the World Long Drive Tour.) Although I couldn't win an event because as you may have seen on the Golf Channel, those guys are pure Animals, it was truly a great experience and I did manage to earn enough to cover my travel expenses.

Ski Better

At one time I was also a good skiier.

I was fortunate to be named to the 1968 U.S. Olympic Team as an alternate and was featured on some local magazine covers.
But a number of years ago I ruptured a disc in my back as a result of a jump off a cliff and skiing has not been the same for me since. I also have an old football injury on the right knee that causes pain if bending past 90o.
Over the past few years I've started walking slightly hunched over because it was painful to walk straight up, and I realized I was in trouble when Women started holding doors open for me. Folks, that will make you think.

I'm happy to say that after just a week on the AVACEN 100, not only am I walking upright but the pain in my knee is down considerably and I can bend it again. I realize my back will never be cured but the lack of pain is such a relief it is affecting my whole outlook on life again.

What about you?

Ok, you love the sport, but you can no longer ski the way you did in your 20’s. Have you noticed that when you have a good, hard, fun day of skiing by that evening you are simply hammered and so darned stiff and sore you can hardly get around? So you do what everyone does, you pop the Ibuprofen pills.
And yes, it’s worse the older you get and by age 40, forget about it. It’s ½ day skiing for life because it just takes too long for the pain and stiffness to go away. 
Well guess what, that can change. This little device, that was actually developed through scientific research for Migraine sufferers, will blow you away.
Two 30-minute sessions a day, one in the morning and another in the evening, will simply do wonders for your ski holiday. But it’s so much more than just skiing, it will change your life.
But don’t take our word for it, contact management and try one out. The demo units are not for sale but if you see some benefits, you can go to management’s site and purchase your own. What do you have to lose, it’s guaranteed? 
In fact, Here is a Study you may find interesting.

Let me know if you want to try a demo.
I have one on hand but I need to know if you are serious about giving it a try as the schedule is tight.


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