When you find someone who has pain

They are already looking for you...

If you don't think Pain Management is a HUGE industry, just walk the isles of any Supermarket, Drug Store or Walmart.
Folks, we have the answer.
There are Three ways you can go about this.

The Opportunity

This video covers not only WHY it works but How.

Understand this is not an MLM company.
We are a Direct Sales Organization and are looking for folks who want to help bring Pain Relief to the world by simply spreading the word.
Customers purchase directly from AVACEN Medical, not from you.

The Opportunity

The Options

There are Three Options for you...

Brand Partner Only

No Personal Unit

You are not required to purchase a unit in order to sell but to earn commissions you must be a Brand Partner.
Under this level, the commission on your first sale rolls up to your sponsor and then on every sale thereafter, you earn all the commission based upon your advancement level.

As a Brand Partner you get your own NuLifeVentures.com website, access to our exclusive APP and all the training and information in your Back Office.

The issue is under this arrangement you are strictly a sales person and trying to talk someone into a $4,000 purchase without them trying it out is very tough.

But the kicker is customers have no risk because of our 30-Day Guarantee. If someone truly has pain they will probably take a shot because what have they got to lose?

Brand Partner

With your Personal Unit

At this level, you are in the compensation plan and earn money on every sale you make, based upon your level.
You could potentially use your personal machine as a demo unit but then it would not be available for you to use with your pain.

The effects of the AVACEN-100 are cumulative and although folks notice some improvement after one day, it usually takes 3 to 4 days to see more benefits.
Therefore, if you are serious it's highly recommended that you have your personal unit and one to leave with folks for a few days to try out.
"Hey Mary, try this unit for a few days and see for yourself. Use it for 30 minutes in the morning and again in the evening, and if you don't see any results after 4 days just let me know.
If I leave it, will you promise to give it an honest trial? I need to know because a Lot of folks are waiting to try it out."

Business Builder

Your Unit and a Demo Unit

There is a reason we have Deeply Discounted the second unit.
Folks need to experience it for a few days and once they do, you will more than likely have a customer. That second unit will pay for itself in short order after a few demonstrations with customers. After all, with our 30-day guarantee, what do they have to lose...other than pain that is. 

Note: You are not allowed to sell your demo unit, it's deeply discounted for a reason...to get into people's hands so they can experience it themselves. 

The Compensaion Plan

This 18 minute video goes into detail about the potential earnings.

You can also download the supporting material just below.

Compensation Plan.

The files below will make more sense after you watch the full presentation.

I will also make you a Custom Tri-Fold Prochure.

Your contact informaiton and web link will be substituted.
Just print the front, back, then fold and hand out.

This isn't a deal that will make you Rich.

The price point is quite high and folks are reluctant at first. But when they try a demo unit for a few days that changes. The key is the Demo Unit. If you want to make money in this you need one.

Most of the deals I sell for for personal use or Professionals in their offices. Not a lot of folks will really go to town with this as a money making opportunity, it's a Pain Relief deal where you can truly Help Folks in need.

Let me know if you want to try a demo.
I have one on hand but I need to know if you are serious about giving it a try as the schedule is tight.


Rick Mayer
c 801-913-5566

o 800-913-5566