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by Rick Mayer, Ph.D.



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You have an Incredible Opportunity to Expand your Business

If you haven't guessed by now, I'm all in with NewLife Ventures. The reason is quite simple, this crazy little contraption works! One of the companies I own is ConcreteJacking, or better put, Raise Sunken Concrete. Folks, I'm no longer a spring chicken and the manual labor involved in this business nearly forced me to sell it. It's a great part-time business but as incredible as it may sound, in the summer months when operating 3 days a week, I would shovel 10 TONS of material per month. Have you ever shoveled that much even in a full year?
Folks, I'm back to doing a lot of this business on my own again and won't be spinning it off any time soon.

Let's Partner.
I will help you to get going in your practice. Let's talk about a demo machine that you can use for 3 or 4 days. Try it out, see what it does for you, then if you decide to get involved and get your own units.

Your Own, Customized, Mobile Friendly Site.
I'll give you a choice of,,,, or or

The sites I do are in the Google AMP format, as is this one, and they comply with the Google Rules of Engagement, a pretty big deal. In fact, have you noticed how fast these pages load even if you are on a mobile device? Folks nowdays use their mobile device to access the web which is why Google developed the AMP format. See and you will understand.
(Note: if you want your current site convereted over to the AMP format, along with reference to your Pain-X information, that can also be arranged. I take the term "Partnership" to the next level.)

Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

The App you are seeing now is made with AMP.
Why Amp? "47% of consumers expect page load times under 2 Seconds or Less!"
"48% of Smartphone Users WILL NOT return to a site that performs poorly."

There is one more added benefit for you to partner with me. You will also get another tool from one of my businesses, and it's a pretty incredible system. 

Welcome to the world of Proximity Marketing.
I own this system and am taking it to North America, first to Utah under and then on to other states like,, etc.

Viral Growth.
OK, so why will consumers download this app?
The reason they will download is simple, the name says it all. See 

You Heard Right...FREE

No Tricks, No Gimmicks,
No Catch, No Trial

It also comes with your own Free GeoFence.

If you haven't heard about Location Based GeoTargeting, it's time you got in the game.

Your customers already know about it and they are engaging with businesses, the only problem is NOT WITH YOU.

Prospects are Alerted!

Some are calling this the
Find Cash App.

When customers are Near a Deal, their phone can give them an alert. They choose the types of deals they want to see and when they want to see them.
Click On or Off with the "Do Not Disturb" button at any time.

Let's Partner


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